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  Myriam Taylor, Founder, Dreamer in Chief Muxima loves all textures, all styles, all types. Before now there have been no premium hair brands for people with…

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Myriam Taylor, Founder, Dreamer in Chief
Muxima loves all textures, all styles, all types. Before now there have been no premium hair brands for people with my type of hair; they were never designed with the care we put into Muxima. We celebrate the chaos of unpredictability that comes with textured hair. We don’t use chemicals at all. We’re not about trying to transform your hair, we want to enhance the beauty of it and treat the hair fibre. I’m the first one to test everything – we don’t test on animals, so we test on me.

Having relaxed her hair for many years, Myriam stopped while she was pregnant – mindful of the harshness of the chemicals involved. Returning to her natural hair, she wanted to find a way of caring and wearing it both curly and straight without the chemicals and being happy and confident with the results.
Muxima is the result of this desire to be able to make a healthy, informed choice by creating products that really worked. Working with Muxima Bio (the bio tech company formed by Myriam and her technology expert husband, Paulo), the brief was unusual. Make the best products you can, using the finest ingredients, in the highest quantities you need to truly offer a range of shampoo, conditioners and stylers that would transform the haircare and styling experience of people with all types of textured hair.

Paulo Taylor, The Enabler
I understood what Muxima meant from day one, and I’ve always been dedicated to helping it grow and succeed using my experience and resources. Above anything else, the most important part is to build a brand that creates awareness, empowers people all around the world and celebrates textured hair and a real diversity of life experiences. There’s also an emotional element for all of us involved—for me, it’s being Myriam’s husband as well as her business partner. The whole team believes in an ethos of quality, inclusivity and creativity.”

Paulo Taylor has been an enthusiastic entrepreneur since he first left home in Portugal. While living in The Netherlands he worked as a software developer and engineer, and after several years of experience he created his own company, eBuddy BV, reaching more than 350 million users worldwide. As the head of the company’s research and development, he is one of the inventors behind several innovative patents in computing technology and instant messaging. Paulo was recognised by the President of Portugal with the Innovative Entrepreneurship of Portuguese Diaspora award, he is the current Entrepreneur in Residence for Beta-i, an NPO that supports and promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in Lisbon, and he brought the first TEDx event to Portugal.

Sherman Hawthorne, Hair Activist
My career as a hairstylist has taken me to many exciting locations around the globe, working on films, commercials and with celebrities. I am always looking for the next best new product—which is what Muxima is. A close friend of mine introduced me to the brand’s philosophy, and it immediately sparked my interest so we arranged a meeting with Myriam and the Muxima team. I came on board pretty quickly after that. This has already been a very special journey.”

Sherman is an experienced hair stylist who works with both Afro and European hair. His styling has been featured in Vanity Fair, i-D, Elle and US Vogue. As one of London’s finest hair stylists, Sherman has also been proud to work with many high profile clients such as Anna Wintour, Courtney Love, Rihanna, Mel B, Diana Ross, Naomi Campbell and Janet Jackson. His work has also been featured in commercials for brands including Nike, Guerlain, Reebok and Hugo Boss.

Bhanita Mistry-Russell, Chief Content Officer
Born and raised in London to parents of Indian heritage, issues of representation and inherent bias have been constant curiosities for me. While living with my British husband in Lisbon, I met Myriam and we discovered we had similar life experiences, as well as a shared love of art, design, culture, and a passion to do good through business. I was impressed with Myriam’s vision to disrupt the beauty industry and her social conscience. Partnering with Myriam to bring to market something unique, fresh and authentic, which genuinely serves a growing need for mixed-heritage hair care, has been a fabulous and thought-provoking creative journey.”

As an innovator, strategist and commercial growth specialist Bhanita has spent the last 20 years working with corporate, social and governmental organisations across the globe. She is also a creative leadership coach, with a desire to make a positive difference to the world through business. In 2007 she founded LAB-Innovation, and with hand-picked creative teams she works with leaders and blue chip clients looking to disrupt markets, categories and organisations. She has lead projects in sustainability, renewable energy, fashion, media and technology, and has codified creative methods and trained thousands of people in creative leadership including with the Northern Ireland Civil Service and the World Economic Forum. She is also a facilitator at the Forward Institute.

André De Castro, The Artist
I was invited to work with Muxima because I believe in the ethos behind the brand: artistic, activist and transformative—it is a brand fighting for inclusion, respect and diversity. Working as an artist on the team to create a new visual language to communicate those values has been the most challenging and rewarding part of the job. Now I’m excited to follow Muxima’s growth and see how it interacts with the world.”

André De Castro is a Brazilian visual artist who explores the boundaries between graphic design and art as tools to engage with people on social and political issues. His work discusses identity, social agency and forms of signification. Project Movements, a silkscreen series, won the Never Stop, Never Settle competition, and was also selected for the 11th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial, and was exhibited in New York, Miami, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Brasília. His work has been featured by a variety of publications including HOW Design, Swagger New York, CBS News, NBC, Art Directors Club, ArtRio, BlouinartInfo and the LA Times.

Sofia Guilherme, The Conception Goddess
As a biologist my whole career has been devoted to the study of toxic effects, and the invitation to join the Muxima team came at a time when I felt the desire to turn my knowledge to application and not just research. It was a perfect fit. The Muxima guidelines against chemicals got me excited to help develop a range of non-toxic products that offer spectacular results.”

Sofia Guilherme obtained her master degree in Toxicology in 2007, concluding her PhD in Biology in 2012 and since 2013 she has been working as a post-doctoral fellow at CESAM/UA. Her expertise includes several techniques concerning the evaluation of DNA damage, as well as several tools used to evaluate biochemical responses to environmental contamination. Guilherme’s work has a special emphasis on environmental toxicology and animal physiology, and she is the author of several refereed articles in scientific journals, has presented her research to the scientific community at several events in Portugal and abroad, and participated in a number of nationally funded projects.

Sérgio Marques, The Science Creator

What has always driven me as a researcher is constantly seeking new challenges, and the excitement of new findings. This has always been matched by my desire to give something back to society. Muxima is precisely the kind of company that thrills me the most. The passion of the team, the innovation of the products – for me it all feels right”

A researcher at the Biology Department of the University of Aveiro, a member in the Center of Environment and Sea Studies (CESAM), and an active participant in several environmental projects, Sérgio Marques is also a published author of scientific papers and co-author of educational materials. He is also a speaker on themes including environmental education, ecotoxicology and herpetology, specifically focused in amphibians.

André Gouveia, Researcher at the University of Aveiro

Muxima offers not only the best aspects of cutting-edge technology
but also the best selection of raw materials to achieve a high-quality product. Their collaboration with leading research centers proves their dedication to creating the best possible products.”

Andre has a Masters in Applied Biology, and has been a part of the traineeship programme at Muxima Bio BV for which he followed his research project: “Assessment of the Antimicrobial Potential of Cave Microorganisms in Drug Discovery from Cerâmica Cave.”

Maria Pita Guerreiro, The Maker

What captures my attention about Muxima is that it’s a multidisciplinary brand that thinks and makes beyond expectations. As a designer it’s very motivating to work on such a progressive and innovative project”

Maria Pita Guerreiro is a promising young designer who recently graduated from FBA – UL. She has worked at Paratelier Architecture and Arquivo 237, and has been part of many exhibitions and design trade fairs including SNBA, Museu Serralves, Giv Lowe, Scar ID, TENT LONDON, Maison & Object and Ambients Frankfurt. She is one half of Studio ojoaoeamaria, along with João Valente.