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  Part of our journey and commitment in empowering women worldwide, and capturing the vibrant energy of the digital age and its forthcoming communities, MUXIMA curates and…

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Part of our journey and commitment in empowering women worldwide, and capturing the vibrant energy of the digital age and its forthcoming communities, MUXIMA curates and regularly hosts an exciting gathering of women and men keen in the exploration of knowledge. By sharing stories, experiences, thoughts, and thesis in a genuine interpellation of inspiring contribution, the SECRET WOMEN’S MEETING intention is to openly create discussion and reflection set towards the imaginable future while contributing to urgent matters of the present.

Periodically hosted in Lisbon at the premises of the MUXIMA Gallery, the unique MUXIMA habitat is transformed into an informal and safe environment to foster an activity between learning and thinking – mainly contemplating topics that might not have a voice in mainstream public agenda setting, and addressing such diversified arguments as Consciousness In Business or Gender Neutral Apparel.

With an extensive social and political intervention portfolio, MUXIMA conceives this event by challenging women from all backgrounds and areas of expertise to participate with a moment of lecture, resulting in an honorary secretive society, concerned to disrupt and discontinue the status quo. In its core, women with no affinity of opinion and from distinct areas of professional intervention are selected to share their most radical personal approaches to the future of society.

As a premium beauty brand, MUXIMA’s aim to democratize beauty and redefine the very terms of it share the values of freedom, justice, respect, inclusivity, sophistication and progressiveness with the SECRET WOMEN’S MEETING.

Each and every woman is elidge to apply. Application is free of charge and contemplates complete creative freedom, and can be sent in any form or structure to any of our listed means of contact (including social networks): as content is key to our platform, the topics striving to stay relevant, positive, and that are currently given underground status in mainstream media will be chosen to be represented in one of our meetings.

This event is a reminder that all women can have an opinion, regardless of how many followers they have on Twitter and especially, that every woman certainly has a story of their personal or professional knowledge to share, with which other people can learn or who can resonate now more than ever, in a time when we could all be in solidarity with a stranger, listen to a stranger, and grow with some knowledge that is foreign to our own status quo, Myriam Taylor

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sharing is caring: an open call to all conscious women

Bearing in mind the same mindset of MUXIMA and its values, we challenge women anywhere in the world to replicate this event and host their own SECRET WOMEN’S MEETING in any city. Our ideas are your ideas, to cherish and share.

Secrets to hosting a SECRET WOMEN’S MEETING:

  • – No need to notify us: our concept is an open concept, therefore yours. If you do notify us, do it to and we shall nominate you co-host of our event, and become happy to be the co-host of yours. We will also send you all necessary digital materials: logo and supporting promo materials.
  • – Speakers should be women but there are no gender specifications to guests.
  • – Speakers’ interventions should be between 10-15 minutes.
  • – Admission to the event is free and not exclusive.
  • – The event’s venue should be accessible to disabled people.
  • – The event should be child friendly.
  • – Each intervention should stay relevant and positive.  


Being an artistic, creative, and inclusive brand that aims at serving as a platform for real representations of diversity, celebrating beauty through the work of creatives, artists and activists who are making a difference, overcoming barriers and challenging stereotypes, MUXIMA represents a new and inspiring narrative for all people of color and mixed heritage.


As a company, Muxima Bio considers important the reflexion and development of new management models that virtue and gather sustainable solutions capable of reproducing a positive impact on both mankind and its ecosystem.

An attentive overlook into the future and the permanent analysis of the social, economic, and environmental landscape combined with the transversality of the company’s projects,  represents the great motivation that allows us to believe in Muxima Bio’s success and evolution.

Muxima Bio is a company operating in different social settings while curating, producing and showcasing subjects that gravitate around the central subject of identity. We curate:

  • – Art, producing and showcasing exhibitions which are a contemporary reflection on oppressive systems or attempts thereof, denouncing and amplifying them.
  • – Science, we are a Biotech company that researches for alternative sources of protein and a cosmetics company which has developed the World’s First Premium line for TEXTURED HAIR.
  • – Society, we have created and produced the Secret Women’s Meeting and Cocktail – LISBON, that aims at inspiring and empowering women in an informal and safe environment with the unique MUXIMA perspective, which is currently being replicated in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and London.
  • – Education, we produce conferences and talks, as well as sponsor scholarships for Master studies for noteworthy low income students.
  • – Ecology, for each bottle of 200ml or 500ml sold we plant a tree.


  • – Politics, we influence politicians on equality and human rights concerns.