Real Talk: When Michaela angela Davis speaks, you listen.

Why? Well, my dear curl friends the reason is simple:
Michaela angela Davis is the foremost advocate for all things kinky, curly, and coily.

If you have ever been in the presence of greatness, you know what it feels like to be in genuine awe. Like the I-think-they-can-see-that-I’ve-stopped-breathing kind of awe. The she-just-hit-the-world-with-a-Grand-Slam kind of awe. The I-just-listened-to-Lemonade-and-life-has-been-given kind of awe.

That kind of awe happens to almost everyone that listens to Cultural Critic and Image Activist Michaela Angela Davis speak, especially at live events.

And if you don’t know who Michaela Angela Davis is, you best sit down and learn summthin’ right now: With her firm stance, unwavering voice, and direct truths, Michaela angela Davis is the GOAT. For real.

By rallying behind and with powerful Black voices, Davis is changing our natural hair community through The Hair Tales: An Appropriation Conversation.

She’s also created a conversation project, MAD FREE, that features Black female icons that we all have modeled our hair and a few life goals after: Regina King, Tasha Smith, Kim Coles, Mara Brock Akil, and many more women of color. The individual conversations that make up the MAD FREE project highlight the beauty and power of Black women, all of them tied together by that single, unbreakable bond we all share: our kinky, curly, coily hair.

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