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  MUXIMA Offers a selection of highly effective natural-based products for the most common challenges of all textured hair types. All our range is free from sulfates,…

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Caviar System Kit

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Offers a selection of highly effective natural-based products for the most common challenges of all textured hair types. All our range is free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic color and no animal testing.

The Muxima Caviar System works synergistically. By this, we mean that we discovered that – when combined with caviar – our ingredients combine and perform exceptionally together. Users will see results for first use, including a visible improvement in the quality and brightness of the hair fibre

– Elisabete Maurício, formulation development scientist

Caviar is the universal ingredient across the entire line. Prized throughout the world as a delicacy, caviar is a natural Biomarine ingredient with hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins A, D and omega 3. It is proven to repair, hydrate and regenerate the hair fiber, increase hair elasticity, improve scalp health and well as offer mild conditioning benefits.

For me, caviar is the most important ingredient present in our formulations. To obtain a single gram of caviar 90 eggs would be needed. So each female sturgeon will give approximately 22 kg of caviar, only every 2 years. It is an incredibly rare ingredient, extremely expensive with outstanding properties. Its proteins and nutritive quality enables hair regeneration benefits unseen in other ingredients.

I am delighted to be able to have collaborated with Muxima to create a capillary line that works in textured hair and has demonstrated the best results in accredited laboratories

– Elisabete Maurício, formulation development scientist

In addition to caviar, each product has its own unique formulation that has been found to work have an exceptional synergistic effect on textured hair when combined with our integral natural bio marine caviar base.

Specific ingredients present in our Muxima Caviar System formulations include:

Argan oil – A natural oil, offering a protective effect against external aggressions (sun, wind, cold etc), it revitalizes the scalp, strengthens hair, promotes shine and delivers a visibly, silky effect.

Keratin – Our keratin is naturally sourced bio marine. This ingredient reinforces the cohesion of the cuticulary scales, improves protection and the restoration of the damage caused by UV-B radiation, enhances the softness of the hair and supplies important amino-acids to damaged hair.

Prodew 500 – A unique and patented cocktail of amino acids offering conditioning, moisturizing and strengthening actions. Prodew 500 also protects the color of hair, adds shine and luster to the hair and helps fix and intensify the benefits of other active ingredients.

As a scientist, I’m fascinated and excited by how each active ingredient has its specific role. The formulation we’ve created acts as a cocktail that gathers all these properties, acting all at the same time, improving the hair fibre and delivering visible and cumulative benefits

– Elisabete Maurício, formulation development scientist

The Muxima difference


There are no products that I know of with a similar combination, either in quality or in richness of ingredients, to Muxima.

– Elisabete Maurício, formulation development scientist

Muxima is an anomaly in a sea of same-ness and represents the triumph of a desire to find a solution that celebrates and cares for textured hair in a different way. Rather than be constrained by cost and convention, our scientists challenged themselves to deliver results first and for our commercial team to find a way of making our haircare biotech accessible, second.

The Muxima Caviar system includes the highest quality haircare ingredients available – caviar, keratin, collagen and Prodew 500. The added value of our formulas is the high amounts of active compounds, like caviar, keratin, collagen and amino-acids (Prodew 500). Which results in real, visible effects on capillary regeneration and hair fiber quality.

We also include 24 karat gold an ingredient enhancer; a conductor and absorbency booster. It is used only in considered formulations, due to its high value and rarity but also due to its ability to activate certain ingredients, making it particularly valued in our styling products.

And, of course, all of our luxury biotech ingredients have been sourced for their skin-friendly benefits. Their quality and concentrations minimize the risk of allergies even for people with the most sensitive of skin.

For me as a cosmetic formulator, the creation of Muxima Caviar System has been a very important project, as there are very few products in the market that respond to the complexity of textured hair, just as there are few laboratories working on it.

These products can regenerate the hair fiber, giving brightness and youth to the hair without resorting to harsh hair products or acids, that may cause damage and weakness. For this reason, they are completely unlike the products currently on the market for this type of hair

– Elisabete Maurício, formulation development scientist


Moisturize, nourish, replenish

This rich moisturising daily hair wash nourishes and
nurtures, replenishing hydration, restoring strength
and protecting against damage.

Condition, reconstruct, ongoing repair
Treat and keep hair powerful, resilient, and in vibrant
condition with this intensive masque that deep
conditions, strengthens and helps reconstruct hair.

Nourish, replenish, curl prep

This light moisturising, daily conditioner hydrates
and restructures hair fibres to restore curl health and
vitality, promoting ongoing health while providing
the perfect basis for styling.


Revive, enhance, define

For curls that look and feel vibrant and lively, this
light, milky, styling fluid revives, enhances and
defines for great, long lasting results.

Moisturise, tame, enhance shine

This rich oil serum simultaneously nourishes and
tames hair, balancing moisture, boosting smoothness
while finishing and protecting as little or as much as

For better results