Elaine Fluker’s Support Is Sexy Podcast With Myriam Taylor

Muxima Founder Myriam Taylor On Building A Luxury Haircare Brand With Passion, Consciousness & Heart

Myriam Taylor started her first business when she was just 7-years-old, selling perfumes and oils to her parents and an auntie, who was one of her best clients. Her parents were activists and refugees who came to Portugal in the 1970s from Angola, and as a minority Portugal, Myriam was bullied often and grew compelled to be socially engaged.

Today Myriam, a social justice advocate, is determined for all women — around the world — to feel accepted and beautiful through her new multitiered content platform and her luxury haircare line for multi-textured hair called Muxima.

On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, the Founder and Dreamer-in-Chief speaks passionately about launching a new product out of a powerful pain point during her pregnancy, the power of having love and heart at the center of your brand and why you always have to believe in the possibilities.

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