The conventions,
The ceilings
The categories
Who I am
Aches to come out

I cannot hold it back
I have been moved
To give rise
To the potential inside

What is hidden
Quiet forces

Territory untraveled
Desires unraveled

Inside me lives
New narratives of life
Slicing stereotype
With a serrated knife

Crafted of courage
Fashioned of faith
Forward with focus

I see
new forms from old
Fresh ideas, so bold
They change the story
Forging paths to glory

The courage to stand up
To be who I want to see
The artist
The music maker
The scientist
The commerce creator
The activist
The news generator
The politician
The mover n shaker
The mother
The care taker
The engineer
The dancer
The poet
The story teller

With passion,
And purpose
And drive
We create,
Our own story
Blazing trails to glory
Free to be
Who we want to see